For a Lapsed Blog….Some Lyrics from Waterdeep

Here are some fine lyrics from the band Waterdeep, which I have featured before on this site.
by Lori Chaffer
When you feel like the days just drone on and on and on
and you feel like the nights are quickly gone
and on the inside your heart is gaping wide
and on the inside you feel like no oneÕs on your side
well, I am
When you thought you could rest, but you found out you were wrong
And thereÕs another need another battle
another one more thing that comes along
and on the inside
you hear the fall but you hate the falling sound
and on the insideyou canÕt pick another broken piece up off the ground
well I know
Hush little baby donÕt say a word
DaddyÕs gone and bought you a great big heaven to rest in
HeÕs bought it with blood and put the seal in your heart
itÕll give you the hope you need to get up and start again
when all the things you thought you left behind are still hanging on
and everything you try to do right ends up all wrong
and on the inside everyone else seems basically fine
but on the inside even they wonÕt let go of the dead and cling to whatÕs alive
well I AM
Lonely Sometimes
by Don Chaffer
I woke up from a strange rain
And it was dreaming outside
I rolled over for the telephone
I thought IÕd call someone
Tell them I dreamed I had died
But I know that I was all alone
I just get lonely sometimes
I want someone to take away my grief
I just get lonely sometimes
I want to wake up in the morning with someone
Lying next to me who I can turn to for relief
I just get lonely sometimes
But I know I just need You
I probably slept in a bed of bitterness
ThatÕs why I woke up this way
ThatÕs probably why IÕm in this lonesome hole
I probably got to needing everything
And needing it today
ThatÕs probably why I play this lonely role
But I know I know I know I just need You
from I’m Afraid I’m Not Supposed to Be Like This
by Lori Chaffer
I have risen from ashes and fed on flames
But even so I still fear I have played a game
And it seems no one else is as sick and depraved
I have heard that IÕm not supposed to be this way
And still the stones that are lifted fall down to stay
But I keep doubting and think one will strike my face
HeÕs been promising me something more than pain
Where the cost is grace and my loss is gain
And I have chosen because there is no other way
I either wallow in shameOr humble myself and be saved
And be saved