misty rainy day
within its grey folds hidden
misty rainy day
within its soft folds hidden


And I’m Off…

Well, just a little bit in lots of ways, but this is intended to be a short post.
This evening.
To do the MS 150 in Columbia, Missouri over the next two days and to try to ride at least 175 miles in the next two days. Maybe more? If you are so inclined, please pray for safety for all us riders and the volunteers in traffic and in the heat.
And since my sponsors topped $1000, I will be wearing the sign below. If you still want to join the sponsoring fun, there is a wee link called “click” to the right there. ————>

“OF MANS first disobedience, and the fruit
Of that forbidden tree whose mortal taste
Brought death into the World, and all our woe…”
So begins one of the most famous poems in the English language, John Milton’s Paradise Lost. It serves a suitable introduction to questions I like to ask believers and non-believers in Christianity alike. In short, “Is Milton right?’
More specifically, in Eden, before the Fall of Humanind…
…did beasties die?
…did beasties eat other beasties?
…did humans eat beasties, or just veggies and seeds and such?
…did humans die?
Your answers can be simple “Yeses” or “Nos,” as I am really interested in gut reaction thoughts foremost (i.e. the position you learned as you grew up), but if your thinking has undergone a shift over the years you can detail that.
This all does relate to some thinking I have been doing for a while and your replies would be appreciated. I am not looking for an argument here. Not yet, at least ; )
Finally, an old previously posted poem of mine on the theme.
i have a little dog
unaffected by the Fall
or so it seems
he’s all loving licks
and waggling
and playful romps
and glee
and then I watch him
eating meat

New Narnia Featurette

narnia_poster.jpg Here is the latest featurette. It looks like it is going to be good and that the makers of the movie have at least a basic grasp of the religious symbolism of the book. I heard somewhere that they are not going to diminish or accentuate such symbolism. That will be fine with me. I will take even some diminishing/deletion as long as they don’t change it around. Many when they read the story as children (or I suppose as adults) are not aware that there are Christian undertones to it. Many who do realize it, hate the story for them. Many who do realize it, love the story for them.
Georgie Henley is very sweet looking as Lucy, my favorite character in Narnia, but I think Lucy is meant to be fair haired. It does not really matter, though, because Lucy’s beauty is all about her heart anyway, even though she does grow up in Narnia to be a beautiful queen.

Quick Hits (without the drags)

OK, that was a shameless marijuana reference (but more on that later). These thoughts could encompass a thesis long reply, but as many of you know I am not very good at getting those done 😉 So, this is a bullet list style response to some of the comments made in the posts A Discussion Worth Having and A Story About a Story: An Open Letter. I am posting it as an entry so that it will have more visibility.
*Agreed. Our motivation for pursuing holiness should be internal as a result of love for God and not merely to live up to some Christian image.

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Donate Now

During 911, I was so absorbed in personal pain that it kept me from thinking and acting about the tragedy until much later. In other instances, sheer selfishness or apathy have kept me from responding. Not this time. I have made a donation and encourage you to do the same. The link below will take you to the American Red Cross donation page. Or pick a charity of your choosing.
And pray for those effected, for their physical and emotional suffering and for their souls.
red cross.jpg