Hankering for Another People Flying, Lovely Scenery Chinese Epic?

Did you like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (and I think the camps are pretty polarized on that one) and Hero? Well, courtesy of Jeffrey Overstreet’s blog, here is a trailer for a new movie in the genre which looks stunning. Some of the visuals in these movies make my heart ache with their beauty. Here’s the trailer.
While we are in the genre, here is a question. Is the ending of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon happy or sad? When I saw it, the friend who I was with and I were enjoying it tremendously until Li Mu Bai dies, and then, to seal the deal, Jen jumps off the cliff! Now there is another school of thought on this based on dialog earlier in the film, but I am am not buying. Thoughts?
Finally, here is a cool shot of the actual aforementioned cliff.