Another Article in Catapult and a Poem too!

Another article and, for the first time, also a poem, woo hoo! Thank you, Kirstin (Catapult’s editor).
If you have ever wanted to watch someone put a “kick me” sign on their back to see what will happen, well then the article is for you. In reality, writing this article, potentially, could be more like this.
If you have ever felt your faith challenged by the Hindu parable of the blind men and elephant, then the poem is for you.
Confessions of a Fundamentalist Librarian: Negotiating Hereses (Article)
Two Sonnets (Poem)
My Previous Writing in Catapult
The current Catapult issue is titled Heretic. It looks like there are some good articles, though I have not read them yet.


2 thoughts on “Another Article in Catapult and a Poem too!

  1. One man’s heresy is another man’s faith. Whereas it is good to have the missionary, “PREACHING” spirit, it is better to keep it in motion within one’s own life, since it may hurt the feelings of others.


  2. he neil…
    thanks for visiting. like most things i do on the computer, the text around the picture is a cosmic accident. i probably could not repeat if i tried:) take care…brooke jared


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