Minnesota : Illinois

after first frost
lake city
harvest home
glow on the farm
the walker
cold rain
can you hear me now?
and a bonus one from mo
coffee and cigarettes*
*though, if the truth be known the cup on the left is actually tea. artisitic license. and, yes, I popped the colors a bit on this one and the frozen lillies, oh, and on the deer. And i used to be such a purist.

Article in Catapult and a Walkabout Pit Stop

This is what I consider to be my best poem. It is coupled with a reflection and an image in Catapult.
And let me use this Walkabout pit stop simply to reverberate ESPN.com’s headline from late last night and say “Hell Yadier!”*. We are going to the World Series! Nothing quite like being in a hometown bar when your team books that trip.
*I’m not a big proponent of using this phrase in real life, though beyond my upbringing I am not sure why, unless it is this. I sure do like making puns using it, though, visual or otherwise.

Over and Out….

…for a little while. Why? To go for a bit of a walkabout. For how long? Not sure. I am sure I will be tempted to post within the week, perhaps within the day, and I am fickle, so who knows. In the meantime, to fellow St. Louis bloggers and sundry others, “Blog on.” To readers, commenters and lurkers, there may be notice of a Catapult piece posted to fill in the gaps.
So, for a while, “So long. Farewell. Auf weidersehen. Goodbye. Adieu to you and you and you” (which has to be the silliest lyric ever written).

Weekend Edition II-And Two From Monday

OK, so it was a busy weekend with the camera. And hopefully it will be back to words soon too, as this has become somewhat of a photoblog. The camera is away on holiday for a few days (a holiday from me at least), which is good as it was getting a bit addictive…don’t know if you noticed.
“in the beauty of the lillies”….i never understood that hymn line, seeing as it was a stable
seed pods
pensive player
lillies too
loam and flower
steeple : light
glow on steroids
drive-by with windshield bug

A Photograph in Catapult-The Trifecta is Complete! -There’s That Word Again

I began publishing articles in Catapult last December, which I have thoroughly enjoyed, both writing them and dialoging about them with some of you. In the spring I achieved the goal of having my first poem published in Catapult. And now a photograph. The only thing that remains, to “hit for the cycle” so to speak, is to write a review. Stay tuned. Hopefully there will be one by year’s end. And, then, my delightfully surprising literary year will have a nice bow on it.
*Here is the link to my photo in the Death, Dying, the Dead issue.
*Here is the link to my previous submissions.
*Also, my friend Rachel has published a beautiful reflection of her grandparents role in her life:
*Finally, many of the articles in this issue are very fine, including the editorial about the recent shootings in the Amish community, “Deep, Dark Hope,” and the graffiti modification piece “Guns to Flowers.”: