Unleashing My Inner Pakistani With a Little Bit of Soul

OK, so probably 95% of Pakistani men have a moustache, which they grow from whenever they can to the end of their lives . I generally avoid just a moustache alone because it makes me look older, unlike say my middle brother Adrian, for whom a moustache makes him look just kind of ruggedly handsome.
Pastor Adrian
Below, are photos of my moustache with a crazy little soul patch for good measure. Who knows how long it will survive, so here it is for blogsterity. My roommate Lloyd said it looked rather child molesterish. Child molesterish? Now I would have settled for Inigo Montoya or Zorro gone to seed, but child molesterish? Now, who looks really cool with this facial hair arrangement is Dr. Williams at Covenant Seminary, but he has the shaved head and toughness to back it up.
P1130395.JPG      P1130394.JPG


4 thoughts on “Unleashing My Inner Pakistani With a Little Bit of Soul

  1. That is the best thing ever…I’m sending links to this post to all my friends. I just might have to try this look on for myself. We’ll see. One thing is for sure, your ethnicity is not a question with facial hair like that.


  2. I was thinking this morning and I think that I need to lower my percentage of Pakistani men with moustaches to about 75%, which is still a pretty high number.


  3. One of the things I learned from a solider that returned from the middle east is that in (many?) parts of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, it is expected for men to grow a mustache – those without them are considered to be untrustworthy. Kind of a nifty little cultural tidbit… 😉


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