The Same Dandelions by Headlight

As I was leaving work tonight, I noticed that the dandelion on the left which I had photgraphed earlier in the day had already bloomed. Pretty amazing, but I guess they grow fast. I really tried hard to get a steady picture by headlight, but this was the best I could manage before I grew weary of the process. Still, I think it has a kind of cool, ghostly kind of vibe to it.

A Lunchtime Walk or Proof That Lewis and Clark Community College is Extraordinarily Beautiful

A major reason our grounds are so lovely is that we, along with SIUE, are part of the Missouri Botanical Gardens East program.
It should be noted, that the most delicately beautiful flower of the bunch, the first one, is natural and would not survive in most suburban yards, having been killed either chemically or by the mower.


Upon seeing one of my latest pictures in Catapult, my boss insists that he sees a ram in the rock behind it, adding significance to the paschal theme of the picture. I am not seeing a ram, maybe a donkey or a horse or big horn sheep, kind of, but not a ram. Do you see anything? Because if you do, I am thinking dollar signs.
Other co-workers, too, sort of saw the ram, while one accused me of placing the leaf for dramatic effect. Ah, the temerity! I am hurt. If truth be known, though, I am so NOT beyond doing that, but this one was au naturale.