Upon seeing one of my latest pictures in Catapult, my boss insists that he sees a ram in the rock behind it, adding significance to the paschal theme of the picture. I am not seeing a ram, maybe a donkey or a horse or big horn sheep, kind of, but not a ram. Do you see anything? Because if you do, I am thinking dollar signs.
Other co-workers, too, sort of saw the ram, while one accused me of placing the leaf for dramatic effect. Ah, the temerity! I am hurt. If truth be known, though, I am so NOT beyond doing that, but this one was au naturale.

5 thoughts on “Addendum

  1. Mother Mary on toast! That’s wild! I don’t see the ram, but you know, you could still sell your work for a good profit.
    P.S. I let my eyes blur like I was looking at a magic eye on the “ram” photo and it looked even MORE vibrant and the grass seems to jump out at me.


  2. Heidi, when I have the time I may try to overlay a constellation style diagram to outline the horse/ram/donkey. And then it’s off to the auction block.


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