You Ever Just Want to Go…

…to a place that you love, a place where you experienced truth and fellowship and beauty, and just stay there. I have had that impulse rather a lot in my life.

Of course, that place that you are thinking of is never quite the same when you return. And the impulse to check out, to sink into goodness, no matter how beautiful or true or warm it is and simply stay there, is, while we share this “veil of tears” with others, perhaps nothing short of disobedience. Still, I cherish those times when they are given. Here is a blog reprint of a poem written at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Cedar Campus.

cedar reflection
gentle waves lapping on the beach
breeze rushing gentle through the trees
gentle blue meets grey of choppy swells
at the horizon of my view
and friends stand gentle at my side
with gentle, glad or thoughtful talk
or silence rich and meaningful
and God is near
and whispers healing, soothing, gentle words
as praises rise for blessing and care so evident
and hearts are filled with joy and rest and gentle love
and long to stay the hand of time
prolong the sabbath,
end the journey
and savor more this sample of that final rest
but beyond the horizon of my view
beyond the ships that ply the lake
and bear witness to a greater world
are countless lives that never taste the Rest at all
and gentle words and gentle sights and sounds
drown in the curse of fallen life


2 thoughts on “You Ever Just Want to Go…

  1. Hey Neil…
    WOW! This is great! So, The “banner” thing is that the photo at the top? And I can put whatever I want on mine?
    Cant wait! Any advice/help that you feel like giving me would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thx! Jenny


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