The Four Hundredth Post

In response to Kirk Ward’s suggestion that I do something special for my four hundredth post, below are some categories I came up with and the winning blog entries for each. Thanks, Kirk, I am not sure I would have noticed that milestone, and though 500 posts might be a more logical marker for this sort of thing, who knows when that might actually occur, what with my beginning seminary in the Fall and what not. I would like to have reprinted all the blog banners I have used, but they are on my computer at work. So, perhaps that will be the first of the next hundred posts.
*The blog that inspired the Effect: Hey, I even tried to rip off its brown decor. Thanks for the inspiration and early encouragement, Jeremy, and for the intro to Catapult.
*The first post (from the Blogger Days): What I consider to be my greatest poem.
*The most controversial series of posts: The reposting of this story led to me to discover that I had deeply wounded a friend five years earlier. It is an odd thing to bleed in public, but it is alright when it leads to healing. Here and here and here. Beware of page-long comments 🙂
*The series I most wanted comments on but didn’t get any: Ah, that would have to be the Ringbearer sonnets. The Samwise one still needs a major overhaul. Here and here and here and here.
*The most obviously vulnerable post: No contest.
*The posts most meant not to be obviously vulnerable, but not succeeding: Ah, you are just going to have to play along at home and find these ones on your own. And I don’t want to hear about them. You shouldn’t have to look too hard 🙂 This is a blog after all.
*The wisest post: It’s perhaps a bit arrogant to come up with that category, but when you learn through pain and God gives you the ability to comfort others with the comfort you have received, well, I have no problem in championing that wisdom, even if I did write it down.
*This post changed everything: And I’m thankful for it.
*My favorite comment: Can you which one it is? It’s my favorite because of the comment, but more even for who the commenter was.
Well, that will do! But before I bring this in for a landing, let me just say thank you to all you readers. And a special thank you to all you readers who have also commented. I have really appreciated the conversations we have had, silly and serious. If you have been only in the former category and wish to join the latter, this post would be a lovely time to say “Hey!”
Blessings on you all.


3 thoughts on “The Four Hundredth Post

  1. Neil, I got a lump in my throat when I your Ringbearer Sonnets; Gollum’s made my heart hurt.


  2. Wow, 400 posts! Dude you’re a MACHINE!
    You should start planning your 500th post party for sure.
    Don’t you think it’s made you a better & more fearless writer. Are you different than when you first began?
    Do you think your writing has evolved? Has the writing process changed for you since the first?
    Anyway, I’ve decided to write honestly. To communicate more transparently. “Dishonest writing is boring.” Don’t you agree?


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