By Special Request, Some Pictures

Here you go, brother. How do you like them apples…er, only its a dragonfly, in two views, with one highly stylized.


3 thoughts on “By Special Request, Some Pictures

  1. Yes, Heidi, it has that wash out look that they used in the supernatural sequences of Gladiator and in other such movies. I think the Kingdom of Heaven has a bit of this look too, though I have only seen the first little bit.
    All that is needed is the soundtrack of a woman singing plaintively in faux middle eastern style. Then the dragonfly would take off into the air, and the camera would follow it as it flitted through a full fledged battle scene, until it is crushed beneath the hoof of a Crusaders horse…
    …OK, maybe I need to vary my movie diet some 😉 I really do like that look though.


  2. Nice. I really loved the surreal “supernatural sequences” in “Gladiator”.
    Special request eh? I had one of those…jester…knives? Ah hem.


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