Catapult Magazine – New City Edition

Not really, but kind of. Well, it has been a while since I posted a Catapult notice. That has something to do with the busy-ness of starting a Masters of Divintiy program and something to do with being in a bit of a creative lull, particularly when it comes to writing non-fiction pieces. Nonetheless, I am very excited about the current issue of Catapult as it has three pieces by folks from my church with contributions from 5 separate authors.
Be sure to check out Jill Blanche’s lovely reflection on football and fall in small town Iowa.
I share a haiku piece with three of my friends from church which arose from the haiku contest held on on this blog H.H. provided a lovely illustration for the piece.
I have a photo in the issue of which I am particularly proud, even though it is a bit macabre, and simply involved being at the right place at the right time.
I have not read all the articles in the issue, but there is a good article on funerals in Egypt, which reminded me about how Pakistani’s grieve (some of which I find more helpful and some less helpful than American practice) and a simple but poignant reflection on the death of a pet and another on buying apples and caring for a neighbor.
Finally, I have had some photographs in Catapult which I have not consistently highlighted on the blog as many of them appeared here first. Check out the second part of my contributor page if interested.


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