At the Risk of Mimicking Public Radio Sponsorship Drives…

…we are now up to 28 entries for the Evoking Spring photo contest. Wouldn’t it be great to get that number above 30? Operators are standing by…

Not. But I am. Tomorrow, whilst waiting for a library conference to begin in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I plan to spend a good part of my day at my computer getting the contest page ready, trying to avoid the swine flu, waiting for entries. Deadline: Midnight, Central time, though I am will be in Mountain time 🙂

Thank you so much to all who have entered. The excitement builds.

Guest Blogger: Papa Dassler Shows Us How It Is Done

Well, “Papa Dassler” is actually Dr. Vincent A. Das, my dad, who is very fine photographer and who back in the day would send in and win photo contests in Pakistan and abroad, back when photography involved taking your film to a shop and working with shop owners to get it just right. Well, though the process is much different–this was taken with a digital camera and worked on with the help of brother Virgil–the results are still the same: very nice.

More importantly, though, is what Dad passed on. His genes for one 🙂 but, more pointedly, a willingness to allow his kids to experiment with cameras. The aforementioned Virgil actually dropped a camera in an irrigation pond while experimenting and Dad was a champ about it. At any rate, here is some of his recent work.

And look for Dad and Virg in the Evoking Spring photo contest, though how will you know which photos are theirs’ until May 15th 😉dad4



Evoking Spring Photo Contest Reader’s Choice Award


Well, there are a few short days, until midnight on April 30th, for you to get your pictures in for the Evoking Spring Photo Contest. To give added incentive if you are sitting on the fence and to give the readers of this blog more participation in the contest, I have added a last minute Reader’s Choice award of $30. So, one could potentially win a total of $130! Readers will be asked to vote (once please) for their favorite picture and I will tabulate the results.