Burned Out

Well, this story happened in the parking lot of where I work, albeit not in the parking lot I use. Evidently the car on the right in the first photo below spontaneously combusted and set 4 cars on fire, with 3 totalled. These were cars of zoo employees on Memorial day. Talk about a bad day at work.

It may see rather callous and cavalier to stop and take advantage of such misfortune (though I should add I happened on the scene 4 days later). However, I knew that very likely they were some good pictures to be had. So, I obeyed one of my rules for photography, “If you have the inclination to stop and take a picture and have the time, then stop,” and got some cool shots, some of which might actually make the next incarnation of a show on “God’s Grandeur.”

burned small

burned 2 small

burned 3 small

burned 4 small

burned 5 small

burned 6 small

“Nature is Never Spent,” A Photo Show at Meshuggah, An Opening

meshuggah show card

Well, hello, blog readers. It has been a while, by the standards of this blog at least. I always experience a sort of version of the post-holiday blues when I finish a big endeavor like the photo contest. And, if one is prone to be low anyway, that can lead to a fair amount of intertia from time to time. At any rate, enough of that, except one final note on the contest. If you are a contestant and wanted judges’ comments and did not get them, please feel free to email me.

The Show
This Thursday I will be putting up a show at Meshuggah Cafe in the St. Louis Loop. I must confess that this has been a dream for a rather long time, as Meshuggah is a pretty cool place, and I really, really wanted to hang some photos there.

In contrast to the strength of that dream, but perhaps in keeping with the aesthetic of Meshuggah, the show is rather more subdued and consists of smaller prints than previous shows, framed in old, some rather dingy, vintage frames. It is titlted “Nature is Never Spent,” which is a phrase from the poem “God’s Grandeur,” by Gerard Manlely Hopkins.

The size of the prints, though, does mean that the pricing should be rather nice. I am envisioning prices between $30-100, with most on the lower end of the spectrum. The online version of the show and price list will be coming soon.

I am not necessary completely satisfied that I have evoked this poem as well as I did “Pied Beauty.” However, to be fair, it is a bit more of a daunting task. I see this poem as being about humankind’s impact on the earth as a result of the Fall, with the counterpoint that God still shines out through nature by the sustaining work of the brooding, nuturing Holy Spirit. I did wish to convey both the grandeur and mystery of God more and the depravity of humankind more, but, nonetheless, it is a start, and there can always be a second take.

If you happen to be in the St. Louis area from 6-9pm this Friday evening, May 29th, please feel free to come by for an opening. The cafe will be open for its regular customers. However, the owner knows there will be an opening. If you like, you can purchase supper or some snacks or a “cold frosty one,” as Mike Shannon is apt to say, or a glass of wine from the cafe. Of course, you needn’t purchase anything at all, but if folks were to buy some goods, it would be a nice thank you to Meshuggah. I may have some cookies there as well.

Hope to see some of you there.