From Sadish to Chaotic Soul: A Change of Theme

Blogs are interesting entities. If one blogs often and puts some effort into it (whatever the content) they can seem quite substantial and slick, thanks to the efforts of folks who create these nifty themes. And, yet, they are still so ephemeral, as every blog entry, indeed every blog, is only a little mouse and keyword work away from emendation or complete deletion.

And, so, this post is to mark the first switch of theme since I came over to WordPress (though my first banner change went by unmarked), even if these transitions are largely important only to me.

However, I am quite excited about this transition, and, believe it or not, have been contemplating it for some time. If you are reading this on Facebook, come on over and check it out. The images are always sharper on the blog in any case.

The irony is that my first theme, Sadish (which was not actually “sad-ish” as I originally assumed but named after an Indian or Indian-American gentleman named “Sadish”) was rather white and bright and used during a time when I was probably anything but; not that I can do anything about being more or less white 😉

And now I am using the theme Chaotic Soul, which is dark and dim, when actually I am feeling relatively more positive about life just now and less low. My soul, though, as I guess is true for most, continues to be chaotic on a regular basis 🙂 Ah, such metaphorical/symbolic analysis! We humans are such meaning constructing/seeking beasties, or at least this one is.

Nonetheless, the thing that I am most excited about with this change is that this theme does set off the photos so nicely. In a sense, with this dark, grey theme, I am copying brother Virgil who is a baby blogger; but only chronologically speaking, technologically and aesthetically he is doing fantastic work. Check out his work.

At any rate, if you care to, give a shout out and let me now what you think of The Dassler Effect with a Chaotic Soul.

“Did you put in all the chilies?”

So, does anyone know from which movie the title of this post comes and what lines follow it? It is a humorous bit of dialog from a movie with numerous great, but rather more serious, quotes.