first frost

sun’s fingers stretch through
barren trees etching these fine
filigrees of frost

the trees’ shadows shield
the sun’s warm wash etching these
filigrees of frost

I love seeing the patterns the sun creates when it rises upon a frosty morning. Some of the lines where the sun has melted away the frost can be quite sharp and detailed-at least for a while. The sun always has its way in the end, and thank God for that.

I wrote the second haiku to more accurately try to reflect the actual process of etching. The first is a bit more of a metaphorical conceit. It all began with the word frost, which is quite evocative in and of itself. And then came the wonderful “filigree.” Then a little personification for the first haiku and some internet research for the second-and we were in business.

There you go, just in case, you know, you were ever curious about my haiku writing process 🙂 though I don’t always start at the end.