This night a woman came – Library / Librarian Poetry

This night a woman came
And asked for books on Manson,
Her voice, annoying,
Above the sotto voce of the place.
And then, just as loud,
Exclaimed, “I’m eighty-seven.
I remember when…”
And before that, still too loud,
Sentence was unwound,
My heart undone,
Gave up its hardness.
I took in the longish wisps
Of hair upon her chin
The slightly rheumy eyes,
And listened on and on,
To the still loud voice,
Discourse on and on;
Music, Socratic schools,
The Great Depression.

“Woods Fill Up With Snow” – St. Louis’ 24 Hour Winter Wonderland – Tower Grove Park, March 26, 2011

For my third video, I present a montage of images I gathered in yesterday’s heavy snowfall. Despite the amount of snow, it really was not that cold at all. The main challenge was keeping the snow off of my camera. In the midday shoot I only had a corduroy jacket to use as sort of an old-fashioned camera cloak sort of thing. By the afternoon, I had an umbrella, but it was very small and the snow was, like truth told by Emily Dickinson, slant.

For the title of this video, I borrowed from another great American poet and perhaps America’s best known poem. The woods in that poem I imagine to be very different, but I was literally watching the “wood” of Tower Grove Park fill up with snow, so it seemed an apt title.

The soundtrack I downloaded for free from and is from a gentleman called Josh Winiberg. The piece is lovely. You can listen to more of his music here.

To view the video, click on the image above or here. Why not embedding? Well I would prefer you saw it at a larger size and preferably full-screen to get the full effect. Enjoy. Winter’s last hurrah. Surely that is true this time, isn’t it?