Red and Yellow Tulips

“I did it for the money” – Easter Egg Hunt

This is how my nephew, who turns 13 this year, responded when jokingly asked why he participated in the Easter egg hunt this year. My brother and I had designated a secret egg and awarded a dollar to the serendipitous finder of said egg. Alas, it was his sister.

remembering rains – three haiku

we always had two
minds on rain; its lovely greys,
its melancholy

in the chair asleep,
the afghan nestling legs that
always found the breeze

we take lunch and tea,
the rain still falling; your smile
to me like sunshine

Sneak Peak ::: 17 syllables, a thousand words

My show at The Chapel is coming up in just under three weeks time on May 14th. And it will be surprising to none of my family and friends that I still have a lot of work to do. I need to finalize selections and print and frame them. I need to print up some haiku and frame these as well.

Fair warning: most of the haiku pieces will be visually rather plain (calligraphy costs a lot), but there is one piece that I am splurging on, by having Paper Birds work up about a 16×20 piece. Below is a section of a test piece with the colors and layout I asked for, but with only rough calligraphy. It is interesting to commission a piece and collaborate with another artist to work out details. I am eager to see how it turns out!

Good Friday Haiku – St. Louis Tornado / Storms – April 22, 2011

church in a basement,
tornado sirens wail; we
are not forsaken

the communion loaf
is scored, grooves like lash marks baked
into remembrance

one body, one flesh,
making it home we find a
city blown by wrath

The congregants at Grace and Peace Fellowship did have to go to the basement to finish the last half of their service unplugged and huddled around tables.

There turned out to be no damage in the immediate area, but coming home I found out about the damage at the airport and other areas. I also learned that a friend and his wife, who is 7 months pregnant, lost their home. And two dear young women from my own church, who lost their mother this past year and have had more than their share of trouble, also lost their home. Please pray for these two families and others who have lost so much.

Amidst it all, I do believe that Good Friday is still indeed good, and that because of it, because Christ was forsaken on the cross, we need not be, in life or in death.