The Last of the Bark – Paper Birch in Maine

In the Swim – Coos Canyon Mermaid – Maine

Whilst I was mainly trying to take cliff jumping pictures, and though I did not have a very long zoom, I was delighted to be able to capture the bubbles my friend’s breathing produced underwater along with the twinkling of the sun on the water. Sometimes you get lucky. I like the overall effect. I should note two things though: 1) that I reoriented this image longways to add some drama to the composition and to have a larger image appear on the blog, and, 2) just because it looked better to me, I went on to change the image to the mirror image of the original, something that I do not often and do not like to do, in some sort of loyalty to preserving the fidelity of the real. Of course, that loyalty does not stop me from processing the heck out of images 🙂

In High Summer – A Morning Walk in Forest Park – St. Louis, Missouri

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The Long Way Around – Penn’s Landing – Philadelphia

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