Watch Out Phillies! Here Come the Cardinals! – October Baseball – St. Louis, Missouri

Looking behind me yesterday, I saw the cardinal on this St. Louis City truck and wished I would have been able to pick up my camera and get a shot of it in my rear-view mirror, or better still in the passenger mirror so as to replicate this classic movie moment. But the shot was challenging and the traffic moving, so I just decided to enjoy the image. However, at the very next light the truck pulled up in the next lane just behind me, and I sure as heck was going to contort myself and get the shot. I only wish it had been a Mack truck, because then it would have conveyed an even better sense of what is about to broadside the Phillies in the next couple of days! A man can dream right? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Watch Out Phillies! Here Come the Cardinals! – October Baseball – St. Louis, Missouri

  1. Gotta say, St. Louis has the best fans in the whole country…Hubby was out there for the Series – we’re Red Sox folks – a few years back, when his son was at Wash U, and was completely blown away by the hospitality of the Cards fans… If my Sox are out – and we WON’T discuss that – the Cards are my next choice.
    Philly fans are just *mean*…
    Go Cards, and great shot!


    • Thank you, gardenfreshtomatoes, Cardinal fans are pretty decent folk and generally knowledgeable, too. I am glad they were nice to your hubby. I hope the wounds from the Sox season heal soon. Perhaps the Pats will help in that. Thanks for commenting.


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