“and here’s the pitch….BA-” – Haiku on Baseball – Phillies, Cardinals

and here’s the pitch…BA-
flat-line…………………out at first

I was very much hoping that the Cardinals would win this game tonight and take a commanding 2-1 lead in the series so that my previous post might be validated 🙂 Alas, it was not to be. It is the one that got away, and we Cardinal fans may well live to regret this one game over any other in this crazy, glorious season. But, my goodness, the fight in those Redbirds, battling back, battling back even if they ultimately fell short! Even so, all is not lost…we’ll live to fight at least one more night!

What is so amazing about baseball is that I can be sitting watching a little computer program that visually represents hits, balls, strikes, outs, runs and have my hands sweating and my heart beating wildly while sitting in a quiet library doing reference work. Part of the reason the tension can ratchet so high is that in baseball there are breaks in the action (which lets my little program work so well in conveying the drama), with any number of variables that can be tweaked between batters or even pitches which can alter the outcome.

Whew! It is time to breathe…and then do it all again tomorrow!

I am going to Philly this Saturday morning and I am very much hoping that upon landing that the City of Brotherly love will be waking up in a surly mood, that I will being passing through an airport in which a jubilant Cardinal team would have passed through only a few hours before on the their way home to baseball heaven.

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