Blue in Yellow – Autumn Flowers and Leaves at Dusk


7 thoughts on “Blue in Yellow – Autumn Flowers and Leaves at Dusk

    • Thank you. I never know the names of things, but I suspect that is what these are. These were in an unkempt bed in our front yard. The contrasts were amazing, but I am afraid I might have overdone increasing the saturation on the blue. Still, this is what they seemed like 🙂


    • Cecilia, as I note above, I may have overdone a bit the contrast and saturation of these flowers, but, even so, the contrast in real life was pretty striking. As far as the break, I actually have not been shooting much. It was a long break, after some pretty regular activity. I am hoping to get a blog book together using Blurb, so my blogging, ironically, may suffer a bit 🙂

      Autumn is most certainly my favorite season of the year.


    • Thank you, brother. However, your comment really explains a lot. These leaves are very close to the color of our Ford Maverick, our yellow car, which you always called green 🙂


  1. I know what you mean about the saturation–often when I’ve adjusted an image to match what I saw as I shot it, I look back and think it’s over-the-top. But I look again and know it IS what I saw. The world is truly full of incredible looking stuff! There’s just no way around it. I shot these same blue morning glory blooms in our garden with exactly the opposite kind of light the other day and will be interested to see what happens with the question of contrast and saturation as I work to get what I saw then to appear in the edited version!


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