Red Maple Leaves – Straight Out of the Camera – SOOC – Autumn Leaves

Truth be told, I am not a master technician when it comes to camera settings, etc., though I have learned a great deal over the years (thanks in no small part to friends like Ed). For me the principle benefit of a high end digital cameras is the amazing sensors in them, and the full frame sensor in the original Canon 5D is a beauty (and thank you Caylee for finally selling me on this).

My skill as a photographer, such as it is, comes in the seeing of things and then, yes, in post-processing, though sometimes I upbraid myself for how much I allow myself to do to an image, having begun as a rather purist. So when a shot like this comes out pretty nice SOOC–straight out of the camera–I think I may begin to post some as they come along, though, of course, it could use a little sharpening and a little vignetting and….


One thought on “Red Maple Leaves – Straight Out of the Camera – SOOC – Autumn Leaves

  1. I am so convinced that artistry comes much more from point of view and the insight of recognizing the potential in an image or idea than from all of the technical skills we apply that I love hearing this from you. Honestly, I think you have BOTH the eye/heart and the skill, and so it’s a great delight to see *both* the unretouched and the doctored images you present. Thanks for sharing not only the images but your thoughts about them and about the process.


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