daylight savings spent – A Haiku on Light in Winter – Autumn Poetry

daylight savings spent
bank winter fires against the
dying of the light

The conceit of this haiku may be too clever by half with its play with the concept of saving and spending light, especially as most of us don’t even have to rely on actual fires to survive in the winter–though only a little ways removed from most of our homes real fires are burning to bring blazing electric lights to them, in the furnace of a coal fired plant or the contained glow of a reactor.

I like the thought of a fire banked throughout the winter, which is fueled and blown to life when needed—which is stoked to extra brightness during the winter festivals, one of which for Christians is all about light of a more brilliant, darkness-penetrating sort.

Something to think about as we string our lights to twinkling against the gloom.


2 thoughts on “daylight savings spent – A Haiku on Light in Winter – Autumn Poetry

  1. A wonderful haiku, and an even more thought-provoking commentary to follow. We just had our fireplace cleaned, inspected and prepared for the winter and now I know I’ll sit at the hearth with greater mindfulness, thanks to your post.


  2. A wonderful thought indeed, we actually do heat the whole house with only our fire. Which means that my loft is toasty, the big room is lovely and the bathrooms are nice and the bedrooms are freezing. but we have blankets so that is fine! And is is lovely light .. this light.. c


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