A Bouquet for Dad – To God be the Glory

If I were going with my father to a graveside during his life, the flowers would be much different, rather more formal and likely from a florist. Many years ago he may have grimaced at the bouquet I took to his graveside yesterday. Even in his final years, however, I believed he would have smiled and laughed and accepted my Autumnal offering as a genuine token of me, as I am sure is doing now. Some lovely leaves helped frame the gravestone, and this amazing tree is very nearby.

Believing my father to be in quite a different place, I am not entirely sure what to make of and do by a gravestone. Nonetheless, it is a very literal touchstone to a dearly loved person, and so I lay in the grass for a while, thought and cried and prayed a little. Then, thinking of his smooth head with wispy hairs, it was a kiss on his name and on the cross and then off to see my brother.


7 thoughts on “A Bouquet for Dad – To God be the Glory

  1. Awesome, man, truly awesome. This post was really, profoundly beautiful and it moved me to reflect on the eventuality I too will face. Such a bouquet and visit is an honor, and you can bet your boots that veneration of the deceased is a holy deed. “We look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come. Amen.”


  2. Beautiful and honest, I love your posts. I have yet to lose a parent, but have lost two wonderful and loving grandparents. Sometimes the heart just aches for them doesn’t it? The bouquet you put on your father’s stone is beautiful. Blessings to you!


  3. My dear sweet cousin. My heart aches to see your fathers name on that stone, and to picture you laying beside it, tears streaming down face. But I can see his smile of appreciation as he accepts that bouquet with love in his heart. He would have seen it as the best he had ever received. Love and hugs.


  4. Beautiful post brother and I think that with perfected eyes that see nothing but true the smile on dad’s face is the most sincere understanding of you and your heart and love for him. Great pictures, very gentle, and quiet. I especially like the one of the tree. Blessings, it was great to see you Sunday.


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