Light in the Library – Forest Park Library – St. Louis Community College


6 thoughts on “Light in the Library – Forest Park Library – St. Louis Community College

    • Well, in some of the sections of our library the books are shelved not quite so neatly. I don’t know if you realized, but I am a librarian as well. What sort of library do you work in?


      • I work in a public library. It is a ugly box of a building, oozing that early 1980’s charm from the cheap carpet squares to the flat roof that has a penchant for leaking. This town tore down its Carnegie library in favor of the current monstrosity – ahhhh…. Progress! I do have wonderful patrons though and a nice collection to work with.


    • Cecilia, our library is very modern in its architecture. It’s layout leaves something to be desired, but it does present some great angles. In this shot, I was wanting to capture the light streaming down the slanted ceiling.


  1. Neil, I didn’t know you were a librarian. No wonder you have such a way of building stories with both your visual and verbal imagery! I envy you and our dear bookchick your vocation. Me, I am just a wannabe and spend whatever time I can *lurking* in libraries. 🙂

    This shot has such great layering. The juxtaposition of the light and dark values, of similar color sets in separate strata, the play of angular and rectilinear against very rough organic textures. Fantastic.


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