Bicycle Rack – St. Louis Community College – Forest Park Campus

I took this photo over a month ago but thought I would post it today as I actually managed to ride my bike to work today. Twice. It is not super far–3.3 miles one way through the lovely Forest Park–but it is pretty good for out of shape me to begin to do this. I am not a huge taker of abstract photos, but I did rather enjoy the pattern the shadow made here and how it related to the shape of the bike rack.

Hawk in Forest Park – St. Louis, Missouri

Several years ago, when I was following my friend Edward Crim’s Forest Park 365 project (which I highly recommend to you), through his images and words I became more aware of just how much wildlife there is that calls Forest Park home. At the end of last year, on a lunch time walk, I came across this little guy sitting in a tree. I call him a “little guy” because in the third picture he certainly appears, to this untrained eye, to be a juvenile, which may be one explanation for his odd behavior of just sitting in a tree branch for a long while and not flying away immediately upon my approach. He did fly away a couple of times and once I chased him down, before he flew away too far. Alas, I only had a little 50mm lens with me, so these images involved a fair amount of cropping. Not that I actually have a fantastic wildlife lens mind you 🙂 At any rate, some of these turned out fairly decently.

Koi in Dingy Water and the Glory That Was Union Station – St. Louis, Missouri

Several weeks ago I went with my brother’s family to St. Louis Union Station and his sorrow at seeing its decline was rather pronounced. I had seen it several times in the past few years and so was not as shocked. The glory that we recalled was not its old, old glory, which must have been even more amazing, when the huge, amazing roof could have ensconced whole trains it seems. I imagine it must have been a steamy, noisy, exciting place to be when St. Louis was a world class city.

No, we were remembering the ’80s and ’90s when the coolest thing for us to do for our guests visiting us in the small, truly dingy village of East Alton was to bring them over to St. Louis, take them to and up to the top of the Arch, then maybe to the McDonalds which was on a riverboat, and then perhaps over to Union Station to take in all the shops, listen to the singing of the workers at the Fudgery, and perhaps get a sample.

In truth, in more ways than not, I believe downtown St. Louis is thriving far more than it did in the 80’s and I share no real sorrow in seeing another casualty in the slow retreat of American mall culture. It just makes one wistful and a little sad, especially when this building has such grand architecture and potential. I would love to see an indoor ice rink in the winter under that roof, though I don’t know where the koi would go to live. Perhaps at the botanical gardens!

Even given the state of the mall, I bet the Marriott at the station would still warrant a stay. I always plan on going to the restaurant there or to just go and sit for a while in the grand hall, but never seem to manage to make it. There are so many other places to go!

das Haus it is! With a Rosenheim Room

Well, the reason there have been slim pickings on the Dassler Effect recently is principally because I have been (and will continue to be for some time) setting up my new house which was the subject of this naming post. I’ve been so busy that I have not even taken pictures of the house itself. So this one from the nosy Google-cars will have to do.

Below is the title which got the most votes, but also the one which seems to be the cleverest and most catchy. I should note here that the emphasis, as it is in German, should be on Haus and not das.

A sweet part of this whole process, though, has been to see the things that I kept from my father’s house after he passed away– which jammed my little apartment, which dear brother-friends came over to help me sort through and organize when I did not have the emotional energy to do so–are now finding lovely places to brighten–the hutches, the brasses from Pakistan, the furniture. Indeed a friend just this morning described the process as almost like flowering. So I’ll put some of photos of roses up (#3) perhaps even plant a few in the garden, and surely give a nod to Rosenheim, too.

Well, without further ado. Here are a couple of designs for a little sign to paint at the base of the left pillar of the porch with the blue color from the fascia (though judging from the picture above it will need to be a little greener).

Design one has the same sized letters on each side of the “H.” Design two has a generally larger “Haus.”

Oh, and if you are ever in St. Louis and want to see the sign in person and give the guest room a whirl, just give me a shout.