Housenaming – A Bit of Fun

As I alluded to a little while ago on the blog, I have bought a house. By the end of this week, I will officially be the owner…er, mortgage payer πŸ™‚ And by Saturday, Lord willing, all my worldly goods will have been moved into it. This is pretty exciting. As I contemplate this move, it occurs to me that some people name their homes, and, well, I am that sort of person.

In talking with some friends, I also discovered the reason why people who are having a baby don’t generally tell their friends the name ahead of time is because there is actually a chance that before the name is affixed to an official certificate and to a wriggling wee one that one’s friends might just be honest, and the name which has such meaning to one may be, well….mocked or at the very least come in for some odd looks or gentle ribbing. Such was my fate last night with a group of friends upon my uttering the name for my house which I had been contemplating. In addition to uproarious laughter though, there was also a very creative suggestion for a name, and it led me to think of some meaningful alternates, which leads to….your mission, should you choose to accept it, which is to vote for a name on the list.

By way of disclaimer, I am not holding myself to pick the name with the most votes, but I will at least publish the results here and post the name I pick some time at the end of January. So without further ado, here are the candidates, along with my reasons for choosing them.


das Haus
Well, this is rather cool for its simplicity and how it sounds and, well, because my last name is Das and it is a haus, er, house.

Rivendell – StL
OK, so this option may be rather cheesy and confirm me as a bit of a nerd as it comes from the The Lord of the Rings books. However, the motive for this is that Rivendell is also described as “The Last Homely House west of the Mountains” and is a place where all manner of folk can find what they like best to do, whether that is frivolity or contemplation. Mirroring Rivendell would, of course, be a rather impossible example to follow, but I would like my house to express at least hints of its essence. Being rather Hobbit-ish myself, I would have chosen Bag End but the house is not, alas, a hobbit hole in the side of a mountain.

This choice has the most lineage and perhaps is most closely connected to my family. It is, oddly enough, a German name once again (which perhaps is appropriate as my mother’s maiden name was Bodenbach) and means “home of the roses.” It was the name of the collection of houses on a lovely hillside where we lived in the mountains of Pakistan when my parents would come up to spend some time in the hills where our boarding school was located. It was also the name my father gave to his house here, the selling of which upon his passing is what makes my home even a possibility, and this is dear to me. Of course, I would need to grow roses, but how sweet would that be.

Harland House
I am told by my friends who sold me this house that it was once the home of the father of American urban planning, Harland Bartholomew. How cool is that, to live in the former home of someone who has their very own Wikipedia page πŸ˜‰ Another, positive of this name is its lovely alliteration and to give a man his due.

It is election season, and though Mr. Gingrich evidently cannot be a candidate (write-in or otherwise) in his own home state because he did not file the paperwork, you can vote a write-in here. Just be nice, eh πŸ™‚

So, without further rambling…..CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!!


8 thoughts on “Housenaming – A Bit of Fun

  1. I like all of these and the reasoning behind them, but there’s no question for me that I find the many reasons for Rosenheim the most compelling and soulful. As you say, adding rose plants couldn’t be bad! Especially as I’ve just discovered that the rose is Herb of the Year 2012 (check out tomorrow’s post on my blog). The family connections with the name Rosenheim run so deep, and I guess I’m a big ol’ sentimentalist when it comes to that sort of thing! πŸ™‚ Meanwhile, it’s a name that would translate straight across into Norwegian, my own heritage, so maybe *our* house . . . no, you’re completely safe from my pilfering it–too precious a personal story to steal!! No matter what you name it, I do like the idea of naming a home and know that it will only add to the welcome and comfort you will find there and in turn offer all who enter as your guests.


    • Kathryn, thank you. Your comments are always so encouraging. Thank you also for your mention in your post yesterday. I am sorry for not visiting your blog nearly enough. I was there yesterday, and your photos are amazing. You would be very welcome to pilfer Rosenheim πŸ™‚


  2. Hmmm.. they all have compelling reasons. There is a wee cottagie type house in our city that I am dying to live in and own… called the Rose Cottage. It’s the only house I know that actually has a name and a sign. So I have to go with Rosenheim. It also seemed to have so much more meaning for you as well… especially since it is named in honor of your father:)


    • Thank you, Just a Smidgen. It is true that it does have a good deal of meaning. I perhaps should have noted, though, that I am intending my house to be a fairly communal place in some aspects, too, so that might tilt it toward other names. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  3. I look forward to seeing photos of your new home, Neil, and I know that anything you shoot is going to be GORGEOUS! I am so excited for you! Myself? I preferred Harland House – so stately and full of history. But which ever name you choose, it is going to be perfect as long as you don’t call it “Trash Haven!” πŸ˜‰


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