Hawk in Forest Park – St. Louis, Missouri

Several years ago, when I was following my friend Edward Crim’s Forest Park 365 project (which I highly recommend to you), through his images and words I became more aware of just how much wildlife there is that calls Forest Park home. At the end of last year, on a lunch time walk, I came across this little guy sitting in a tree. I call him a “little guy” because in the third picture he certainly appears, to this untrained eye, to be a juvenile, which may be one explanation for his odd behavior of just sitting in a tree branch for a long while and not flying away immediately upon my approach. He did fly away a couple of times and once I chased him down, before he flew away too far. Alas, I only had a little 50mm lens with me, so these images involved a fair amount of cropping. Not that I actually have a fantastic wildlife lens mind you 🙂 At any rate, some of these turned out fairly decently.


14 thoughts on “Hawk in Forest Park – St. Louis, Missouri

  1. Fantastic! I have been hoping to get that close to photograph hawks for a long time. You have set the bar very high and I am definitely inspired. Thank you so much for sharing these.


  2. I would say that “fairly decent” is an understatement. The first shot is especially amazing! Would you mind explaining to me what vignetting is?


  3. “Fairly decently”!! These are incredible shots. Absolutely gorgeous. What a tremendous bird, and how nice that he kindly stuck around for you a bit. I am enamored of hawks and envy you your close encounter!


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