Spring and Summer Thunderstorms – Haiku and Reflection

the thunderheads like
football players line the sky
the seasons first hit

In this strange “sprinter” and “sprummer,” which is the best way I can describe the winter and spring we have had, we have already had some thunderstorms, as news stories of deadly carnage across the Midwest attest to. Yet what I am trying to get at in this haiku is a very particular type of spring or summer morning when one wakes up and, though the sun may be shining and it may even be hot, one gets the sense that there is a good chance that thunderstorms may be popping up all day long. Indeed, one corner of the western sky may already be a mass of dark brooding thunderheads with muffled peals of thunder in the distance. There a couple of scenes in the movie Twister which capture this bright morning calm before the storms quite well.

I am not sure today will be that sort of day, but some rumbling of thunder in the middle of the night got me thinking. Oh, and I am thankful that the past few weeks have been more reminiscent of a normal St. Louis spring with cooler temperatures and even some soaking rains. Now I am a little more ready to bear the heat.


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