Cornerstone Festival 2012 – July 4th – The Hollands – Carielle – Sean Michel – Run Kid Run – Together in Dust – Leper – Glenn Kaiser & Joe Filisko – Grave Robber – 77s – White Collar Sideshow

carielle cornerstone 2012-19Cornerstone 2012 The Hollands-9.jpgCornerstone 2012 The Hollands-8.jpgCornerstone 2012 The Hollands-7.jpgCornerstone 2012 The Hollands-6.jpgCornerstone 2012 The Hollands-5.jpg
Cornerstone 2012 The Hollands-4.jpgCornerstone 2012 The Hollands-3.jpgCornerstone 2012 The Hollands-2.jpgCornerstone 2012 The Hollands-1.jpgcarielle cornerstone 2012-1carielle cornerstone 2012-2
carielle cornerstone 2012-3carielle cornerstone 2012-4carielle cornerstone 2012-5carielle cornerstone 2012-6carielle cornerstone 2012-7carielle cornerstone 2012-8
carielle cornerstone 2012-9carielle cornerstone 2012-10carielle cornerstone 2012-11carielle cornerstone 2012-12carielle cornerstone 2012-13carielle cornerstone 2012-14

Note: The next few posts will be to Flickr sets from the Cornerstone Festival. If that is not what you come to this blog for, please be patient and don’t unsubscribe. I will be back to the standard fare of whatever it is that I blog here soon enough šŸ™‚

When you take over 1500 photos over the course of 4 days at a music festival, it takes a long to time to process them, and some of them just are going to make it on the web. However, since I took them, I am loathe not to post them, especially since some of the smaller bands might dig them.


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