Hello, Old Friend – Forest Park Wetlands Trail – St. Louis

Having a bit of a melancholy week, I begin to yearn for Fall, perhaps because that is when the outer landscape best reflects my own inner landscape, with brightness contrasted against the dreariness. It was in this mindset that I went to my favorite area in Forest Park yesterday evening, which is just a series of paths cut through patches of wetlands and tall stands of various types of yellow flowers interspersed with dogwoods and redbuds and sundry other small flowering plants. The yellow flowers linger for a good part of the year and were still going strong in this hot but gentle dusk.

Also, though I hear some folks tire of flower pictures, finding them rather cliche, I must say that they are some of my very favorite to take, to compose, and to process to try to make a meaningful, expressive images.


4 thoughts on “Hello, Old Friend – Forest Park Wetlands Trail – St. Louis

  1. I never tire of these types of photos as I think you do an exceptional job with them. I always enjoy looking at them.


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