:( And with Cardinal baseball over it’s back being a photo, haiku, and an odd prose reflection blog

Class act and amazing MVP, Marco Scaturo. Congratulations. Matt Cain, he of the beaning of Matt Holliday only after a 7 run lead, not so much. I know vengeance is the Lord’s and I guess the tables are even and Matheny showed great forbearance in not retaliating, but maybe, just maybe on a sleepy July afternoon in the dog days of summer next year, when Matt Cain is at bat he feels a sharp pain somewhere on his upper body. I’m just saying. Baseball players have long memories.

Thanks for a fun, if inconsistent season, Cardinals. Congrats on getting to the NCLS on your first time out of the box, Mike Matheny.Go Tigers!


3 thoughts on “:( And with Cardinal baseball over it’s back being a photo, haiku, and an odd prose reflection blog

  1. Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch it other than on “Gameday” webcast here at school. MLB National Socialist Schutzstaffel blocks even webradiocasts of Mike Shannon’s “Unh, unh, unh,” which I can imagine filled analog skies tonight.

    Such a paddling in 3 consecutive games, straight-sniffing at a tantalizing World Series morsel just under our noses sure does smart like the dickens. On the other hand, joy of ousting Braves diminishes but little with time, & orangeyougladwedintsignpooholes?

    Nota bene: there’s silver lining(s) in every cloud: after pulling tails out from between hind legs, we can happily wag & be proud of taking it to 7th game of National League Champs w/2 rookies in starting line-up & rookie manager at the helm.

    Silver lining #2: now it won’t be so hard to focus on duties.

    Thanks for the surprising post-season wild ride! Let’s Go Cardinals 2013!


  2. I share your pain – and love your comments. I had hoped for yet another Tigers-Cards showdown in Motown and Mizzou, but alas, it was not to be. We will take care of business against these “giants”, and reduce them to size. From a Cubs fan who respects the Cards and is rooting for the Tigers.


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