The “Autumn, Then Winter” Haiku Contest is Up – Some celebratory haiku of my own

We have fifteen haiku from 10 contestants for this contest. It is not too hard work to put on such contest, but even for a small one like this, it is tricky to keep track of email entries, so if I have forgotten your entry please let me know right away and I will get it up.

I thought about sneaking an entry of my own in, but I suspect that the judges, knowing me rather well, may have sniffed that out quite quickly. So here are my introductory haiku on the contest theme. If you wish to comment on these, do so here. If you wish to comment on the contestants’ haiku, please do so on the contest page. Enjoy!

the leaves translucent
stream glory upon glory;
trees like church windows

branches like leaden
window frames, bereft of glass,
gilt by warm creche light


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