Of Twinkies and Fruitcakes – Hostess Holiday Fruitcake

A few weeks ago nutritionists everywhere must have rejoiced to hear of the sinking of Hostess Brands, makers of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Cup Cakes, and Wonder Bread, amongst many other titles. It is almost impossible to conceive that the rights to produce these iconic products will not be picked up by someone else, however bad that might be for the obesity epidemic. I wonder, though, no pun intended, whether anyone will choose to pick up Hostess Holiday Fruitcake?

I got the cake above in a overstock store for the low, low price of $1.49. And, the verdict. Well, I must say that I was surprised at how decent it actually was. The consistency was just right, with a good selection of fruit. With some additional spices (nutmeg to name one) and some brandy added it would actually be quite good. Shock and surprise.

I have written about fruitcake at greater length here.


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