Bilbo’s Ringbearer Sonnets – Upon the Arrival of the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Bilbo's Ringbearer Sonnets.

Alright, upon re-reading, I suppose one may have to be a bit of Tolkien geek to appreciate these 🙂 Oh, and what do I think about the Hobbit movie? I may do a longer post, but in the meantime I am sending this to Peter Jackson for Christmas 😉

Bilbo's Ringbearer Sonnets.

Sea Lion Sound, Take Two – The Harbor Seal – St. Louis Zoo

Yesterday, I made a quick dart into our excellent free zoo and had a visit with the sea lions and harbor seals. It was only yesterday, actually, that I realized that the smaller beasties were not simply young sea lions, but rather harbor seals. This is take 2, and I am afraid there are likely to be many more as I am rather enamored with these animals and this exhibit. On this day, there were not many folks at the zoo and this one harbor seal literally did rolls and dipped and twirled as a boy waved his hands like a conductor and shadowed him back and forth as he ran along the glass. It was a wonder! I am going to have to take the video camera next time

sea lion sound saint louis zoo st-1

sea lion sound saint louis zoo st-2

sea lion sound saint louis zoo st-3

sea lion sound saint louis zoo st-4

sea lion sound saint louis zoo st-5

sea lion sound saint louis zoo st-6

Blue and Gold – A Very Blingy Christmas to You – das Haus

christmas tree blue gold ornaments-1 small

Some friends describe my aesthetic choices as being stuck in the ’70s. I prefer to think of them as Hobbity, with perhaps some influence from my Pakistani side, which leads me to be desirous of some gaudiness and bling 🙂

christmas tree blue gold ornaments-2 small

christmas tree blue gold ornaments-3 small