Dislocative Displays – A Moving Day Photo Essay

moving day-1

I actually rather like helping friends move, perhaps especially close friends who have great artistic talents and a good aesthetic sense. I also like getting to meet and chat with people who are friends of friends, and also to have good conversations with old friends, too. Then there is the pizza. I forgot to take a picture of that, though I meant to. And, yes, I actually did do some work, too 🙂

moving day-3

moving day-2

moving day-4

moving day-5

moving day-6

moving day-7

moving day-8

moving day-9

moving day-10

moving day-11

moving day-12

moving day-13

moving day-14

moving day-15

moving day-16


3 thoughts on “Dislocative Displays – A Moving Day Photo Essay

  1. Whose truck is that? My folks used to have a panel van “Carry-All” like that back when I was four. It was tu-tone (that’s how they spelled it back then) orange over navy blue in Westinghouse livery, Loveless Hardware & Appliance 360 S. 10th St., E. St. Louis, IL


    • The colors of your parents truck sound really cool, Parker. This truck belonged to a seminary friend of Kyle’s. I believe he said it was a ’51 Chevy truck, inline 6, may 356 cubic inches. Does that sound right?


  2. i love these. i would know those lovely paper birds and ange’s handwriting anywhere. and the box of plants just screams “ange” and “home” to me. 🙂 well done, friend!


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