For Boston, Some Tulips – Beauty in Brokenness

Going to photograph this bed of tulips I had seen earlier in the day, I noticed that many of the delicate tulip blossoms had been battered by the rain — some were broken, others laid down, still others were cradled against one another. I could not help but draw an emotional correlation with some scenes from the tragic bombings in Boston just a day earlier. And yet the flowers, broken and beaten down though they were, were still imbued with beauty and dignity–infinitely more so the wounded and mourning in Boston. May God bless and keep you and all who mourn throughout the world.

tulips for boston-2 small

tulips for boston-1 small

tulips for boston-3 small

tulips for boston-4 small

tulips for boston-5 small

tulips for boston-6 small

tulips for boston-7 small

tulips for boston-8 small

tulips for boston-9 small

tulips for boston-10 small

tulips for boston-11 small

tulips for boston-14 small

tulips for boston-12 small

tulips for boston-13 small

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