Volunteers, Conscripts, and Gifts from Friends – My Small Garden – Tomatoes, Pumpkins, Rosemary, Basil, and Cicadas!

I am not an industrious fellow, I am sad to say, but in short bursts can sometimes manage something substantial. My small garden was prompted by gifts, from friends and from the soil. It is true I cleaned out a small rocky patch to begin a compost heap, with a view to a garden, but I don’t think anything would have gone into the soil if my friends David and Elena had not sent me home with half a flat of tomato plants. You will notice that there are no tomato cages or fences. This is so because though there is risk of unsupported vines and vegetarian predators, I did not want to invest too, too much till I figure out how serious I am 🙂 Plus, I really like the look and feel of the 6 foot bamboo branches (by far the least expensive option at Home Depot), which I cut in half to use as stakes and connected to the tomatoes with jute twine.

Regarding other gifts, the rosemary was also a generous gift from the same couple who let me divide two nearly conjoined plants of theirs to bring home. My goodness, my little car smelled amazing on the drive home. I intend to try to capture that moment in a haiku, but despite trying have not managed as yet 🙂 Though it is a chain and perhaps looked down upon, I confess my love for rosemary first arrived by way of the Macaroni Grill. Their amazing bread (and later a sausage dish) made me say, “Hello! What’s this?” It was definitely love at first bite.

The other gift was by way of three huge volunteer plants which I am really hoping are from the pumpkins I cut up last autumn to make soup and pies, which I documented in this video. That would really bring that story full circle.

In addition to these gifted plants and volunteers, I also “conscripted” some plants from the Home Depot, some bell peppers and some basil. The later I planted in a planter on loan which was once part of an art deco building. Finally, as if to complete my day of gardening, when I went to out to water this morning, during the night, a cicada had crawled up on to the basil, which is on a 2 foot pillar, and used one of its leaves to accomplish its amazing transformation. I am continually amazed by these creatures.

Below, roughly in an order corresponding to this little ramble of prose, are some images.

das haus garden-9 small

das haus garden-13 small

das haus garden-10 small

das haus garden-11 small

das haus garden-12 small

das haus garden-15 small

das haus garden-14 small

das haus garden-7 small

das haus garden-8 small


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