“the shouts of glory” – Autumn Haiku for St. Louis – South City Edition


As you may have surmised, if you are a regular reader, I just got my first smartphone and decided to go straight to what I see as the top of the heap and get an iPhone 5s. I love fiddling with it and using apps to make creations such as the one above.

I began thinking of this haiku this morning in north city and would like to redo it with an image from that part of town, but my lunch hour was on the south side and, hence, this image. I will not always so illuminate my haiku, which is kind of cheating in a way, no? 🙂 Nor, rest assured, will I give up the big camera either.

If you do like such things as Instagram, which is pretty great for catching the passing moment, you can follow me here.

Finally, this haiku can be very easily generalized thusly:

snow in the city,
an atonement; autumn trees,
the shouts of glory

The Moon and the Chase Park Plaza – A Composite Image – Forest Park, St. Louis

Despite having a nice long lens this weekend with excellent glass, I have not figured out how to shoot the moon so that the actual man in the moon is smiling down on one and not simply a bright, blank circle of white. And so I decided to do what I seldom do and take the moon from a a deliberately underexposed shot and add it to a properly exposed one. I don’t have Photoshop and used Paint.net and there is a tiny line. Even so, I am quite pleased with the results of the composite. My car and a cardigan served as a handy dandy tripod for these long exposures

chase and moon-1 small