On Epiphany – One Last Christmas Image – Pegasus

When we were young growing up in Pakistan, we had several delightful Christmas books, which my mother must have brought over from America. One of them featured a story about Pegasus and Christmas which began “Someone was blowing bubbles…” I have a hard time figuring out what book this story is in, but with a fair amount of certainty, I believe it is The Golden Christmas Book from 1947 (republished in 1955) which was compiled by Gertrude Crampton. If I save my shekels, I might try to find a copy one day.

Just before Christmas, I found this ornament in a thrift store. It was made in 1984 and if it was not made after this story at least it echoes it very well! Yes, if you pull on the string, the wings do move. Epiphany, of course, is the day the church has celebrated the arrival of the wise men to visit baby Jesus, when a wonder of an even more amazing sort was revealed.

pegasus gertrude Crampton style christmas someone was blowing bubbles-1 small


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