days of drenching rain – A Haiku and Reflection for Hayao Miyazaki – Spring Poetry

days of drenching rain
deep greens against grey, like scenes
from miyazaki

Some days of steady rain have finally come to St. Louis, turning the grass and stems and leaves to the most alarming shades of green, alarming with delight and wonder that is. When the rains come, I am always astounded by how vivid the greens and the other hues of the flowers are against the grey skies. It may be my favorite sort of light. In addition, aurally, the sound of either a steady rain against the leaves or the drip, drip, drip of the last cloudburst off of them seems to drown away the noises of the city. On these days the dark, wet tree trunks almost seem sentient, putting the final touches on a scene that seems quietly mystical, the sort of scene which Miyazaki captures so evocatively in many of his movies.


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