St. Louis’ DYI Skate Park – AKA Shitside – Urban Graffiti

Ever since I have been going to this skate park to see what I can see and perhaps get some pictures, people have been telling me that the bridge will soon be torn down and then the skate park will be gone. And the bridge surely needs to be replaced as chunks of concrete have eroded and fallen away from the girders so much so that the rebar can be seen in places, all this with thousands of cars traveling over it every day. What is really cool about this park is that almost every time I go, there have been new features installed or an existing one has been modified, all on a sort of communal DIY basis. There aren’t too many pictures of skate features here, as I was really on a walk for fitness this, but here are some shots nonetheless.

shitside graffiti1

shitside graffiti2

shitside graffiti3

shitside graffiti4

shitside graffiti5

shitside graffiti6

shitside graffiti7


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