Kine at Sunset – Cows and Cattle Fence – Eastern Oklahoma

This past Tuesday driving down Highway 69 in Eastern Oklahoma at sunset again and again I had to resist the urge to stop and take pictures. There were many beautiful scenes which were appreciated only in my soul rather than in ones and zeros on a camera card, which was great in itself and which perhaps should simply be the end of things more often. Even so, this scene was beautiful and I am pleased to share it with you; so pleased in fact that I have given you two takes on each of the 4 shots 🙂 Finally, a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you all.

cattle field oklahoma sunset-8 small

cattle field oklahoma sunset-1 small

cattle field oklahoma sunset-2 small

cattle field oklahoma sunset-3 small

cattle field oklahoma sunset-4 small

cattle field oklahoma sunset-5 small

cattle field oklahoma sunset-6 small

cattle field oklahoma sunset-7 small

Blogstagram – In the Garden of a Friend – Missouri Native Plant Species – St. Louis – Lomography

The odd tile of this piece is owing to the fact that I am finding that carrying my iPhone around and being able to Instagram images immediately has really taken away from my blogging here. So I think from time to time when I have a series images on my iPhone that I might process them on my computer and present them here to sort of reverse that process and decline. These were processed with a lomo effect.

missouri native flowers-2 small

missouri native flowers-3 small

missouri native flowers-4 small

missouri native flowers-6 small