Late to Christmas – A Card and Tree

I received the card pictured below a few days before Christmas and was taken by its glittering beauty. I placed it on a radiator cover in my house in order to simply photograph it, only to discover that the black marble top created a lovely reflection as well, making it even more magical. And, so, I decided to create this late Christmas card for you all by adding a verse from the carol “There’s a Song in the Air.” I hope that you may enjoy it and have a blessed Christmas season.

chrismas card 2014 small

Tonight, coming home from a sweet time at my brother’s house, I was determined to put up my tree. Yes, I know, I put up my tree on Christmas night. Alas, I had forgotten that I had repurposed all the lights earlier this year to decorate the front porch for a party, so it will have to wait until the day after Christmas to be truly decked properly, but just getting the tree up was a bit of a victory, whilst watching Elf with a few of the housemates. Though its stay could have been longer, it will stay up until at least Epiphany and perhaps serve to brighten a New Years Eve party!


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