“as if each snowflake” – Haiku on a city snow

as if each snowflake
caught a sound and soothed it down;
the city swaddled
I imagine the folk on the East coast are well tired of the thick swaddling their cities have received and are ready for the raucous cries of Spring. Having only recently received our first significant snow, though, I wanted to write something about how snow stills and pacifies a city, at least temporarily so.

Cattail in Winter with a Makato Fujimura Glow – Forest Park – St. Louis, Missouri

winter cattail at dusk vignetting-1 small

OK, so it is not really a Makato Fujimura background, but I like to have the pretense that parts of it rather look like one of his paintings 🙂 The sun was setting in the background and catching a swath of a frozen canal.

St. Louis in Black and White – Confederate Memorial in Forest Park, St. Louis – A Tale of Two Angels

confederate monument and angel-1 small

It says something about St. Louis that its most prominent park contains a memorial to the soldiers and sailors of the Confederacy and that this monument was constructed in 1915. I don’t comprehend or fully grasp the affinities that some contemporary white Southerners may have for the Confederacy and wonder how blacks in the South or anywhere feel about such sentiments. I am posting this mostly, though, to document St. Louis’ history as largely a Southern-sympathizing city and not really to comment upon that too much. On my walk last night, I noticed that someone had made a snow-angel at the base of the memorial, which mirrors the angel at the top of the memorial (which I have attempted to accentuate in my picture above). I have no idea whether this angel was made in sympathy or antipathy to the message of the memorial, whether the angel maker was echoing the angel above or flapping his or her wings in defiant counter-point.