A cache of seeds – Two Views

I have not identified these seed pods which are much, much thinner than milkweed seeds, though they do share some similarities. Here are two very different pictures of the same cluster of seeds.

thin seed pods 1

thin seed pods 2

Beside the Frozen Mississippi – Milkweed Seed Pods, Blue Heron, and the Sioux Power Plant – The Great River Road

frozen mississippi blue heron

frozen mississippi clifton terrace

frozen mississippi milkweed seed pods

“as if each snowflake” – Haiku on a city snow

as if each snowflake
caught a sound and soothed it down;
the city swaddled
I imagine the folk on the East coast are well tired of the thick swaddling their cities have received and are ready for the raucous cries of Spring. Having only recently received our first significant snow, though, I wanted to write something about how snow stills and pacifies a city, at least temporarily so.

Cattail in Winter with a Makato Fujimura Glow – Forest Park – St. Louis, Missouri

winter cattail at dusk vignetting-1 small

OK, so it is not really a Makato Fujimura background, but I like to have the pretense that parts of it rather look like one of his paintings 🙂 The sun was setting in the background and catching a swath of a frozen canal.