Sunset on the Landing – Sundeckers – MLK Bridge – St. Louis, Missouri

sundeckers-1 small

Yesterday I made an impromptu trip downtown to try to visit the Gateway Arch to take some pictures of the Museum of Westward Expansion which will be closing on Tuesday (more on that in subsequent posts). Foolishly, I did not look up how to actually get to the arch these days–there is orange construction fencing everywhere–and so I did not make it. The entire northern section of Lenore K. Sullivan Blvd. has been torn up. I will try again later this weekend. On my way to try to get there, though, I took some pictures of, frankly, a very desolate Landing. When checking the status of the bar pictured I discovered from a news story with the headline “Is Arch construction hurting Laclede’s Landing businesses?” that it had closed in December. I had no attachment to the place or any other Landing establishment other than “Ye” Old Spaghetti Factory and, for one glorious evening when Sufjan Stevens was doing his Illinois tour, the long-shuttered Mississippi Nights. Even so, I hope that when the arch construction is complete, that this area may rebound and be even better than it was before, that it may become more than only a place for partying and kitschy tourist attractions.


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