Details from a Garden in Old North – St. Louis, Missouri

Sometimes in an art museum alongside the large canvas of a masterpiece there will be a small image which is a detail from the work which has been enlarged for emphasis. You might consider these images from the garden of some friends in just such a way. These images do not do justice to the overall planning of the plots, their pleasant arrangement in a large corner lot surrounded by a wooden fence, but they do demonstrate the beauty contained therein, sometimes with some of the remaining blight of the neighborhood in blurred background. May it all be as lovingly and skillfully restored as is this garden. On another level, perhaps in a well conceived garden the details are really the main point–the delightful nooks, the pleasant juxtapositions. I did not capture them all, but here are a few.

garden in old north-1 small

garden in old north-2 small

garden in old north-3 small

garden in old north-16 small

garden in old north-4 small

garden in old north-5 small

garden in old north-6 small

garden in old north-7 small

garden in old north-8 small

garden in old north-9 small

garden in old north-10 small

garden in old north-11 small

garden in old north-12 small

garden in old north-13 small

garden in old north-14 small

garden in old north-15 small

Pagoda Circle on Opening Night 2015 – Muny Theater – Forest Park, St. Louis – My Fair Lady

Alas, I did not go to the Muny this opening night, because judging by the parked cars and intermittent rain earlier it might have been an ideal night for the line for the cheap seats. I even like ‘enry ‘iggins and Eliza. I was only on a long and soggy, though satisfying, walk, so you will have to settle for these images of the Pagoda, which was lit up brightly.

pagoda circle forest park saint louis muny -1 small

pagoda circle forest park saint louis muny -2 small