“satisfying thunk” – “curveballs beguiling” – Baseball is haiku

satisfying thunk
of a strike finding leather
baseball is haiku

curveballs beguiling
as the swoop of a swallow
baseball is haiku
Baseball is a sport that is chopped into moments like few others. There is a pause in between each pitch which can either be as languid as the cadence of fan on a hot July afternoon or as filled with tension as the moments before a jury’s verdict. Something is going to happen. In the really big moments, those moments that are made crisper with an Autumn chill, the home crowd will roar in support of either their pitcher or batter and within a split second the volume will either be turned up to eleven or die like a dampened piano.

Also, like the moments I describe above, baseball has numerous sights and sounds both on the field and off that are perfect sensory fodder for the haiku writer who loves the sport. Could it be that’s why they love baseball in Japan? 🙂

“through dark a lone seal” – Haiku from an evening in Forest Park – St. Louis

through dark a lone seal
barks, i hope a happy bark;
still midwestern night

*Technically these beasties at the excellent St. Louis Zoo are sea lions, but that would have messed up my syllables 🙂