Eclipsed – Image and Haiku – Supermoon and an Overcast St. Louis

I had not planned on taking images of the Supermoon, and the overcast sky in St. Louis this evening seemed to ensure that no one would. Even so, coming home from Illinois, I swung through Forest Park, you know, just in case the moon popped out from behind a cloud in clever juxtaposition with some fantastic monument or tree. It was not to be. Only when I was sitting on the steps with a housemate mulling over the coming week did it appear, with only the tiniest hint of a smudge of the eclipse visible in its upper right side. I framed it in a tree and got at least one satisfactory shot.

eclipsed-1 small

Leaping tall buildings
In a bound, Supermoon soars;
Clouds like Kryptonite.


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